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Our Course

  • UAL Level 3 Extended  Diploma in Performing and Production Arts.  

  • Also offering Extended Project Qualification

  • UAL qualifications are developed in collaboration with education and industry partners to ensure that they are responsive and relevant to industry needs.  

  • UAL qualifications are designed to facilitate student progression to higher education and employment. 

  • You will also have additional activities, rehearsals, workshops, visits, events and performances to enrich your experience. 


This is a full time two-year programme of study, encompassing a diverse range of projects enabling learners to develop a substantial understanding of the performing arts industry, including the processes involved in producing performances.


It also allows learners the maximum opportunity to study in more depth a specialism pathways of their choice: Acting, Dance or Production Arts.


The qualification is equivalent to 3 A- Levels and 3.5 with the Extended Project Qualification.

  • Half of the course timetable (average 9 hours per week) is devoted to practical sessions which involve working towards the main productions in The SPACE programme. 

  • The learning that takes place is hands-on, experiential and exciting as Company Members experience all aspects of production including dance, drama, physical theatre, musical theatre, film production and technical theatre. 

  • These experiences happen in a very real way, with The SPACE Company collectively creating and showing over 15 public productions per year.

  • Company members are also responsible for and assessed on business elements of the production process including marketing strategies such as graphic design for posters and programmes, budgeting and social networking. 

  • They will develop their research skills through exploring the work of practitioners, understanding of health and safety and the historical context of performance.

  • Company Members need to spend time reflecting on their own performances and evidencing their understanding, through written work on the Apple Mac computers or in videoed discussions.

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Principal learning

specialist pathways

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